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††† One of the crafts I remember most as a child was making window decorations every fall. We would collect colorful leaves, select a few favorites, put them between two sheets of wax paper, and then a parent would iron them. At home we would hang these on our windows. I loved looking at them!

††† What I loved (and still do) even more was going outside to experience the fall leaves. Jumping in just raked piles, crushing dry ones to hear them crackle, and throwing handfuls in the air were great ways to spend a sunny fall afternoon.

††† There is a vast difference between sitting inside admiring the colors of fall and going out into the world to experience all autumn has to offer. The same is true for many parts of our lives, especially our spiritual lives. Faith in Jesus Christ is the basis of our spiritual lives. It is relatively easy to admire the depth of our faith, to read, pray, study, and worship to grow our faith. The challenge is to walk out the door to experience faith, to do faith.

††† Doing faith is what the church is truly all about. Based on your input during our Mission Study process, it is also what many of you want Providence Presbyterian Church to be about. The Mission Study Team (Jen Caron, Donna Custard, Jennifer Poole, Pam Solymosi, Randy York and myself) have been prayerfully considering your input and Godís guidance to seek what the Lordís future for our church is. The team has been at work during the summer and hope to present their report to the Session in late September or early October. Then they will share with you where they believe the Lord is leading.

††† Once the Session has approved the new direction the team presents, the report will go to the Presbyteryís Commission on Ministry for their consideration and approval. Their approval is required before the search for a new pastor can begin.

††† Putting our faith into action, though, is not dependent on the results of a study or a report. We can be about doing faith right now! Opportunities to serve in and connect with our community are plentiful Ė your ideas testify to that.

††† During this fall season I will be encouraging us to put our faith into action even more than we currently do. Sermons will focus on this theme. Opportunities to think outside the box, to plan, and to do faith will be available. Prayerfully ask the Lord to prepare you to take risks for him.

††† I believe God is calling us to go forward, to live into a new future, to do faith. There are challenges ahead but with the Lordís help and our commitment we can work through them. The world awaits. Letís go!


Faithfully in Christ,

Pastor Diane

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Providence Presbyterian Church


Rev. Diane Curtis

Interim Pastor